John Augar: portfolio

The illustrations and concept projects of John Augar. Images copyright 2023 of John Augar unless stated otherwise, all rights reserved.

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Digital illustrations

True line:Chronicle The Earthbound:Chronicle Last of winters snow Northgate Bastle Harbour

3D CGI, Matte Painting

Matte Painting, forest avalanche Roman Villa Bernoulli effect, Engineering Connections Wavehouse concept visualisation true heroes
car interiors Anatomy animations EON award trophy MRI Potter

Life drawing, digital portrait sketches

Ruby. November 2011. Adam. June 2011. Dorothy. July 2010. Boima. June 2010. Anthony. July 2009.

Life drawing and gesture sketches

December 2009. September 2009. June 2009. April 2009. October 2008.

Sketch book

Dog Portrait busts High Street East St. Helens street. Jericho street fair.


My art instagram : Sketches and drawings on Instagram. : Francis O'Neill. Oil painter, and fantastic life drawing teacher. : Rosamund de Tracy Kelly. Sculptor, and great teacher.